What to expect when you come through our doors on Sunday mornings:

-A generous, compassionate, and loving congregation who will be so glad to meet and welcome you.

-Folks excited about their faith in Jesus Christ and excited about learning, growing, and serving in that faith together.

-A Welcome Center where you will be able to pick up recent sermons, newsletters, information about our ministries, and gluten-free communion bread.

-Speaking of Communion, we celebrate it every week in worship. We gather around Christ’s table, believing everyone is welcome there to share the Lord’s Supper.

-A worship service lasting about an hour and fifteen minutes, filled with greeting, sharing joys and concerns, prayer, traditional and contemporary music, time with children, the hearing and proclaiming of the Word, sharing gifts, and the Lord’s Supper.

What not to expect:

-A “This is What You Must Believe” statement. As Disciples, we have “no creed but Christ.” There is no test for belonging, other than the simple question we’ll ask if you decide to become a part of our community: “Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God?” We value freedom of opinion, and admit we will not always agree on every matter under heaven. Regardless, we still commit to being the church together and learning from one another, and are open to being challenged and thinking critically about our beliefs.

-Perfect people. Faith in Christ is a life-long journey. If you’re looking for perfect people, keep looking. But here, you may find people a lot like you, people with real struggles, fears, doubts, and hopes, yet people who are genuinely striving everyday to love God and each other more.