The FMCC Youth Group consists of ChiRho (6th-8th grades) and CYF (9th-12th grades). Here’s what our gatherings look like throughout the year:

  • Food for Faith- each month the group gathers at the home of a member with the “gift of years” to deepen their faith journeys by learning the journey and story of another. This rich time includes a meal, asking questions, and sharing wisdom and laughs.
  • Youth Sundays- each fifth Sunday throughout the year our youth lead worship! They have the opportunity to plan and lead a unique worship service with Pastor Mike. These are some of the congregation’s favorite and meaningful Sundays of the year. It is awesome to see the confidence and courage of our youth as they lead, and especially to how their faith deepens and grows a bit more with each service.
  • Fellowship- we have a lot of fun together as a group! Activities include: game nights, lock-ins, concerts, and caroling.
  • Camp Laurelview Retreats and Summer Camp- each year our youth participate in fall and spring weekend retreats, and summer camps at our region’s camp. Set on a mountain in the Laurel Highlands, these experiences are consistently among our youth’s most meaningful.
  • Sunday School- Youth classes meet in the basement at 9am on Sunday mornings for Sunday school, and at 10:15 for worship.

Our youth believe that an essential part of the life of faith takes us outside of the church. We serve our Washington community in various ways throughout the year and participate actively as members of the congregation in the church’s life.

Please contact the church with any questions or inquiries: or 724-225-8610.

All are welcome!